Sharing the Burden
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Sharing the Terror


The Evil Inside

He hurts me and he hates me,
This male figure deep inside.
He covers me with rotting dirt,
He could kill me if he tried.

This presence has no features,
His only essence is comprised of hate,
His energy's seen as a swirling cloud,
Drawing evil into the core.

He lives within my soul,
The spreading evil pervades my being,
Like a duplicating virus,
It leeches out to every cell.

His power came from the bad men,
who abused an innocent child,
I was unaware of the evil,
As it silently spread throughout me.

Even worse came much later,
When I tried to write the wrongs,
The steaming cauldron overflowed,
And the spiraling cloud of hate was born.

There is so much hidden inside me,
I have met the evil, skeletal men,
And been burned by the swirling, putrid cloud,
composed of the horrible pieces of men.

The evil was so immense,
I succumbed to its depraved pull,
And I suffered in this black place,
Till a savior pulled me through.

He helps me arm myself with power,
And with emotions lost long ago,
He helps me find the words I need,
As he listens to my tales of woe.

He makes me aware there is a light,
Strong enough to destroy the clouds of hate,
He will guide me to the light,
Though the steps are mine alone to take.





boiling cauldron
musty air
walls of dark red clay
a lonely corner
all alone
a small child tries to hide
she cries for hugs and touches
but she runs if someone tries
her feelings are bubbling over
but they boil in the cauldron
only fear is in her heart



angels, man, heart, break
lost, love, anger, children,
homeless, sinful, hate, make
work, lonely, help, me

pain, neglect, emotion, fears,
dark, danger, house, tears
stairs, intruder, ape, man
windows, mice, creatures, down

walls, bed, sink, toys
here, alone, why, show
ugly, man, shadows, sound
cry, scream, pain, down

alone, afraid, die, drunk
approach, me, face, wet
black, windows, pain, me
animal, ocean, stars, die

crawl, cry, dark, house
stairs, creep, devil, down
me, child, scared, glass
helpless, monster, dream, break

alone, again, evil, house
hurt, touch, leave, fear
dirt, mud, scare, hair
sleep, alone, hide, me



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