Part 2
Sharing the Burden
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Sharing the Racing,

Whirling Thoughts


I can so well remember those days when so many thoughts would continually race through my head. If it were only one or several thoughts at a time, I might have managed them. But when it was hundreds of thoughts, racing too fast for me to ever catch or focus on just one, my life became chaotic. In one of my daily attempts to "zone out," while using my ever present computer, I experimented with different effects I could use in my paint program. As this image developed, I realized it actually expressed what was going on in my mind. I used it as a background in the above picture.

Shadowland Revisited

bubble bubble toil and trouble
my head contains a pile of rubble
i must descend my shadowland
and save the children who wait

crying crying hiding fear
the children cannot see the sun
they hide amongst the bushes
they disappear into the bushes

"come out and see the sun,"
i beseech them
they do not hear or understand
the shadows are their world

"trust me" i implore
but they turn their faces away
"i didn't hurt you...don't run away"
but they are gone from sight

how many children hide there?
how many children hurt there?
why won't they let me love them?
why won't they welcome me?

boil boil toil and trouble
like a witch's cauldron in my head
pain and fear abound here
but in the darkness they are safe




Sharing the Burden
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