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A New Path

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The Abyss

The world is dark, as is my life,
Will peace be ever mine?
I've walked through dark forests,
And valleys filled with filth,
Can this be all?
Is there no more?
Picture books show sunshine,
And flowers and twinkling stars,
I want that too, but how?
I near the edge of the precipice
And gaze down its ghastly depths,
Something beckons me down
This deathly abyss
Peace beckons me from below
But dare I plunge into the hole?
What awaits me there - just death?
But I listen intently
This is not evil I hear
I've journeyed on faith till now
So on faith I must go on
I fall into the darkness
Pain touches me
Memories bombard me
In swirling strands of thoughts
This is not death I see
But the pain of my life
So many abuses...
So much neglect...
The pain touches me
Caresses me
And takes me deeper still
My memories are clearer
Death is not here
This abyss is the book of my life
It did not kill me then
and will not kill me now
I feel promise as I fall
A power kept me alive
Through the darkness and pain
And led me to this place
To teach me there is hope
I fall swiftly toward the vortex
I slip so easily through
And fall safely into
The outstretched arms of God.


A Journey in Faith
was created 2001

Copyright 2001,2011 Journey in Faith. All rights reserved.