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A New Path

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Good News of Me
I open the door to peek inside me
Some pain still lingers, and darkness too
Beyond the labels I've lived by
I see so much more
Friendship and caring
Unconditional trust and love
Sharing failures and pain
And blessings and joy as well
Someone to help us if we fail
And accept our tears when they fall
Someone to love us when we're lovable
And still love us when we're not
Friendship is a connection
Between two hearts and minds


Dear God
Dear God,
When I quiet my thoughts
And still my body,
Something special happens in me,
Gone are my anxieties over tomorrow,
I feel acceptance and gratitude instead,
As I sit here in your church,
I have a sense of who I am.
I am present in the world around me,
Which for me, at this moment, is safe.
I feel your love surround me
And tomorrow, if it be your will,
I will face a brand new day
Just as I did today


A Journey in Faith
was created 2001

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