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Spring’s warmth into summer’s heat
Summer’s heat into the crispness of fall


Nature’s colors change so slowly
From green to orange to gray


Water colors on wet paper
The paints’ edges swirl and mix


Working out at the gym
Quiet moments between sets


The time or the moments
Between this and that
As old merges slowly into new


We find transitions all around us
In that slow merging that creates
Balance in our world

So why, pray tell, do I deny
these transitions to myself?

Why do I rush from task to task?
Overlapping, speeding through
Creating mindless chaos in my life?

My brain directs my actions
My mind and heart are silenced
No time to be mindful and breathe

My instincts were shut down
Along with their precious knowledge
Of the wisdom from the ancient times
That predates the birth of man

Many years I have been searching
And I finally found this key
To lead me to peace and balance
Moment by transitional moment

The path is right within me,
Among its spirals and its branches
Reminding me in its wanderings
I can be in just one space at a time

There are no signs encouraging speeding
Instead I am told to rest along the way
To breathe between my tasks in life
To sense and feel these precious moments


So… I will practice adding transitions
Between each activity of my day
And slow my gait and listen to my senses
And become mindful of my world





A Journey in Faith
was created 2001

Copyright 2001,2011 Journey in Faith. All rights reserved.