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My Journey

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My Path

I need some guidance, a map to show the way,
Time becomes important, too precious to waste,
I've met shadows and complexes along the paths,
And recovered long forgotten emotions,
But the path before me still seems so long.
It is dark and sad here, the air thick and oppressive,
If there were but a light ahead, its purpose to guide me,
I could walk confidently, knowing the path to take,
Instead I walk slowly, sometimes crawling or stumbling,
Often choosing paths that wind about or even stop,
Then have to backtrack to begin my way again.
But I feel in my heart that I have made progress,
For each mile back or sideways,
It's more than a mile ahead,

But the journey is long and tiring, and I grow impatient,
I am no longer certain of my destination,
Or what I hope will await me when I arrive.
My goal becomes simpler as time goes on,
but no easier to find.
I must first make peace with the ghosts of my past,
Before I can tackle those haunting my present,
And gain courage to shape my future,
the destination of my journey.



A Journey in Faith
was created 2001

Copyright 2001,2011 Journey in Faith. All rights reserved.