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Give Thanks.....

Walk where we may,
See what we see,
Give thanks to God,
These gifts are from He.
Love one another,
Our enemies too,
But begin with ourselves,
As He asks us to do.
Experience the pain,
And the crosses we bear,
Accept them with gratitude,
God knows what is fair.
Life's an adventure,
Some roads dark, others light,
But God's there beside us,
His guiding candle shines bright.
Love God and trust Him,
He will hear as we plead,
Perhaps give not what we ask for,
But all that we need.
Our faith's like a mustard seed,
So vulnerable and small,
If we nourish it daily,
It will grow strong and tall.
Give thanks for what's in us,
Whether it's joy, peace or pain,
Appreciate every moment,
Thank Him again and again!



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