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His World

I stand atop the mountain,
And look at the valley below,
God's wonders spread before me,
The sun blankets my body,
The beauty soothes my soul,
God's breath washes away some pain.

This is so unlike my past,
Which was filled with pain and despair,
I did not have a childhood,
I was a small adult instead,
I tried to keep my parents' world safe,
But for me there was neglect, sexual abuse and shame.

Now I feel God's love penetrate my soul,
His breath continues to cleanse me,
He hasn't abandoned the small child,
He's placed the healing tools deep within me,
And waited patiently till I could use them,
Unlike my family, His love is unconditional.

I will continue to confront the monsters,
That have plagued me for so long,
To survive as a child I buried them deep,
But as an adult, I'm finally ready,
To pull them out, feel their ugliness, and let them go,
While I enjoy my growing trust and faith in God.

I feel all this as I gaze from this mountaintop,
Overlooking His wondrous world below....





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