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My inner child created a prison,
A fortress to keep her small body safe,
She and I seem like two separate people,
I have learned of her just of late,
But at some level we are linked together,
When she hides from evil, my body is primed to do the same.

Though I yearn to openly meet her,
And remove the walls she built over time,
I feel a spiritual connectedness with this young part of myself,
Our enemies were one and the same, and she knows my adult abuses,
She guided my spirit to escape to its own safe place,
Leaving only my empty body to endure the abuse.

United we will be stronger, our combined tears can wash us clean,
Though I’ve touched her spirit, her body remains imprisoned,
The walls are thick and impenetrable, composed of rocks and stones,
If I imagine this place of dark shadows, and remove the walls stone by stone,
Will I be destroying my own prison as well?
Will this child love me as I want to love her,
or will the witch mother foil my efforts once more?




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