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My Journey

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A New Path

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My Journey
Sharing the Journey

A New Path


I bare my soul, I share my tales,
I tell someone my pain and fears,
I humble myself before God and you,
As I yearn to heal from within.

I accept that God will love me,
No matter what I say,
The more I share myself with Him,
The more love He sends my way.

But when I tell another person,
Of my failures and my faults,
Why can’t he look at what I say,
And tell me he loves me anyway.

When I say what’s in my heart,
Please don’t say it’s not so bad,
Or tell me that I’ve misconstrued,
What seems true to me right now.

I work hard to trust and honor
My newfound feelings, hopes and needs,
I promise I won’t deny your feelings,
So please don’t question mine.

You don’t have to believe I’m right,
Just let me own what’s in my thoughts,
And in your wisdom try to feel,
What’s in my soul and heart.

Your advice I will always welcome,
But don’t try to tell me what I feel,
Just dry my tears and hug me,
or cry with me, that’s all I honestly want.

I grew up afraid of feelings,
And afraid of asserting my views,
I’m still like a baby sparrow,
First spreading my feathered wings.

Tomorrow my needs may be different,
And yours might change as well,
Let’s be there for each other,
With love and kindness, support and respect.


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A Journey in Faith
was created 2001

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