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I’ve met you and you are part of me,
I feel your emotions and pain,
This pain that’s clouded your life
travels in waves throughout my body.
At a glance your tears make you look weak,
But you are not; I feel strength in your emotions.
My eyes burn as if they’ve cried a river of tears,
but my eyes are dry and your eyes cry.
You understand too much to be a child,
I feel your wisdom and caring,
You’ve nurtured me when I couldn’t cope,
and protected me when I was afraid.
I need you now to stay with me,
To touch me and to hold me
as I want to touch and to hold you.
If you are my shadow,
I want to welcome you,
to pull you from the depths of my soul,
and share my world with you.
I can’t work through my grief alone,
I need your feelings and emotions
to help me address my suffering
from neglect and abuse.
Teach me how to open my arms
to myself as a child
so I can experience now the love and acceptance
my parents couldn’t give me then.
So I can fill my young body
with enough love
that the shame and despair from sexual abuse
will seem less in comparison.
I need you,
who has long remained separate from me,
to finally fill the emptiness inside our body.




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