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Once Upon a Time.......

(I wrote these to a friend)

Legacy of Pain

There are certain men who prey on the young,
They take their moments of stolen pleasure,
And leave behind hollow, broken children,
Men who satisfy their repulsive appetites,
On childhood innocence and broken dreams.
It matters not what their actions are,
Whether a touch, a look, a foul-mouthed kiss,
pornography or devastating penetration,
They destroy their victims’ self-respect and spirit,
They leave behind empty, broken shells,
Of what God meant to be wondrous persons.
The horrendously cruel legacy of these men,
Is the future these children endure as they grow.....
Their young minds provided a safe retreat then,
But only after decades, might the lucky ones heal,
The unfortunate ones never do.



Once Upon a Time........

Once upon a time there was a sweet little boy with a beautiful smile. God created him and He loved him. Unfortunately, God also gave man free choice, and there were people who already existed on this earth who would choose evil, and these were the people to whom this young child was entrusted.

These people would hurt this small boy and withhold love from him. One man piled every kind of dirt he could find on him. The boy was afraid, and he was ashamed to show himself because he was so dirty. He thought God had failed him, because no one should have to suffer as much as he did. Soon this child no longer smiled.

He protected himself by hiding the memories and feelings deep inside his mind. Over the years, he grew up to be a kind, generous and loving man. He passed on the gift of life to three children of his own, and he loved them and protected them from danger. In time, he reached out his hand to other troubled children, and offered his acceptance and love to them as well.

But that dirty, frightened child still existed inside this beautiful man. In his confused mind, he blamed God, he blamed his parents, and he even blamed himself.

Walking through the woods one day, in his foul smelling, dirty clothes, he came upon a man sitting on a large rock. The man beckoned him to come near. The boy/man was afraid. This person was so gentle, clean, wearing white, radiant robes that glistened even in the shadows of the tall trees. The boy/man was drawn to this figure, even though he was very ashamed of his appearance. The person motioned for him to sit in his lap. But how could that be, his clothes and his body were too dirty to do that. "I cannot," he said. "I will dirty your beautiful robe."

Then his body began to move forward, as if powered by a force that was not his own. He climbed into the gentle man's lap, and the boy/man felt gentle arms encircle him. After a few moments, he leaned back into the man's chest and felt a peace that was indescribable. He understood then that this was the Son of God. He felt Jesus' love as it penetrated through every cell of his body. He felt safe as he had never felt before. The cloth against his cheek was soft as well-worn linen, and as white as new-fallen snow.

After some minutes, Jesus said to the boy/man, "Why have you waited so long to come to me? You are a kind and gentle person, but you let the sins of others weigh you down. I love you as does the Father. You have had to endure the abuses of others, but their actions are their own. You did the best that you could. You struggled so that you would not imitate their evil ways. You suffered so much, but the need for suffering is now passed. Go now to your family, and rejoice in your love for each other."

The boy/man sat for a moment longer in the magic circle of peace and love. He rested his cheek against the soft cloth of the robe, and breathed deeply as he felt Jesus' arms still gently around him. Then he knew it was time to go home. He sat straight and put his feet on the ground as he prepared to stand. He put his hands to his sides and felt the warm rock beneath him. He looked around and realized that he was alone, but not completely alone. He could sense that the candle within his soul and been lit, the flame had taken hold, and it was burning brightly.


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